South College

Project Overview

We recently completed an AV and cabling project for South College’s Physical Therapy Department at their Parkside Campus. Equipment was installed in the classrooms and conference room.


For the six classrooms, we installed the AV equipment necessary for in-room presentations and video conferencing to allow for distance learning. Equipment included projector screens and projectors with mounts and ceiling supports, PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras, speakers and wireless microphones.


Along with this equipment came the newly installed and wired AV racks. We carefully labeled all the rack wiring to make future reference much easier.


Five TVs were installed throughout the department—two for classrooms, two for the conference room, and one for digital signage. They were installed using Chief articulating wall mounts and Chief carts provided by Prince Technologies. The conference room had not only two TVs, but also a PTZ camera to allow for video conferencing.


We made sure to test the systems with South College to guarantee everything worked and that they were satisfied with the end result.

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