Regas Square

Project Overview

This project consisted of 101 condos where we worked directly under the GC installing network and TV cabling for each unit and the common spaces. In addition, we designed and installed the audio video system for the club room and patio. The Club room included a wall-mounted TV and in-ceiling recessed speakers while the patio included wall-mounted and landscape speakers. Audio source and volume control was controlled by a wall mounted panel connected to the audio processor.

“Our Regas Square project represents a great example of how effective Prince Technologies can be. They understood exactly what we needed for the cabling to all the residential units and the WiFi and AV equipment we needed for the common areas. This large multi-level project worked better with their consulting and design.”

– Joe E. Petre, President/Founder at Conversion Properties, Inc.

Quick Stats


Units Cabled for Network and TV