Central Baptist Church

Project Overview

Central Baptist Church had been feeling the pain of their old cameras for a while. They had been planning to upgrade sometime soon, but COVID-19 really sped up the process. According to Gary Schneider, the church administrator for Central Baptist, “We had analog Sony cameras that were over 15 years old and we called Prince Technologies to upgrade them to digital. COVID pushed this decision as we had more of our congregation at home than in the room and we needed to reach them better.”


To help Central Baptist Church better serve their homebound congregants, we provided and installed three Sony remote PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras in their sanctuary. They feature improved resolution, frame rate, and the ability to upgrade to 4K if desired. Five monitors were provided for the project. Three monitors for previews and two for the broadcast studio.


Being able to upgrade in the future was important for Central Baptist Church. We made it a priority to provide equipment that works with their current system while also providing pathways for future updates.


Our upgrades have brought new life to Central Baptist Church and their broadcasts. Gary Schmieder describes the difference, saying, “Our analog cameras were so dull and dark. These new digital cameras Prince Technologies installed are so much brighter and vibrant…The congregation noticed it right away. We have had nothing but positive feedback and are so glad we did it.”

Quick Stats


4K PTZ Cameras

5 Monitors

98`` LCD Displays