Blount Partnership – Boardroom

Project Overview

Blount Partnership was having problems getting their previous A/V system working correctly. It suffered from blanking displays, a complicated user interface, non-functional source switching, and a rats nest of wiring. This turned everyday events in the boardroom into frustrating, complicated experiences. Prince Technologies was brought in to assess the system and determine what needed to be replaced as well as what could be salvaged.


Bryan Daniels, Blount Partnership’s President/CEO, was kind enough to say, “Working with Prince Technologies is one of the best decisions our organization has made. The attention to detail and diagnostic work is unlike any other provider we have used before. And, the follow-up for customer support is exemplary. We are eager to grow our partnership with them.”


Our primary goals were to simplify the functionality of the system and improve their ability to troubleshoot problems. To do this, we would need to integrate updated equipment with parts of the system that were still working correctly.


To improve on what was kept of the old system, we installed two Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras, two televisions, and loudspeakers in the ceiling. We also rewired the podium and reprogrammed both the touchscreen and the control panel. This would enhance their experience with presentations, training, meetings, and video conferencing.


A major cleanup of the cable rack and closet was needed in order to make the overall system more organized and improve its ease of use. Along with replacing the audio processor, we replaced all the video switching and controls with Crestron DigitalMedia to help improve the system. The end result was a greatly improved system at considerably less cost to them.

Quick Stats


LCD Displays


PTZ Cameras