At Prince Technologies, we design, install and service structured network cabling solutions, including copper and fiber connectivity products. Our clients expect excellence and open communication as we guide them in making the optimal decisions for their project objectives.

To ensure each project objective is understood, we meet with each client ahead of the installation to assess their needs and design the optimal structured network cabling solution for the project. During this consultation, we walk through the project from beginning to end to establish a clear understanding of the project including any concerns or needs for future expansion.

During installation, our certified technicians are focused on delivering an exceptional structured network cable install, which is not only certified to operate according to standards, but is also attractive.

After installation, Prince Technologies seeks to be a constant partner to provide help and solutions through future expansion or changes in network technologies.

We are available 24/7 for emergency repair services to troubleshoot and repair any network problems that may arise and minimize interruptions in your business.


Prince Tech­nolo­gies also of­fers a wide range of recurring maintenance contracts for those critical areas that house network equipment, including server rooms and network closets. Depending on your specific needs, Prince Technologies can come in regularly to remove existing cables, add new cable drops, clean up racks and cable management systems, clean server rooms, and more.

For example, a typical server room maintenance contract includes:

  • Cleaning of all areas, including flooring and ac­ces­si­ble wall sur­faces, using HEPA/ULPA vacuum equipment
  • Wiping undersides of accessible laminate tiles with microfiber cloth
  • Wiping down all equipment, including exterior glass and monitor screens, using static-dissipative chemical solutions approved for use in enclosed environments
  • Re­moving debris trapped under the floor, in tile joints, or in per­fo­rat­ed tiles
  • Cleaning the top of the floor surface with an­ti-stat­ic, ac­cess-floor-ap­proved chemical solution.  As well as cleaning de­tailed man­u­al ag­i­ta­tion of ac­ces­si­ble floor sur­faces to re­move or re­duce un­sight­ly scuffs and trapped par­tic­u­late
  • Cleaning ac­ces­si­ble wall sur­faces with an­ti-stat­ic chem­i­cal ap­pli­ca­tion and microfiber cloths

Prince Technologies installs Category 5E, Category 6, Category 6A, and Category 8 cable solutions for voice and data.


Prince Technologies is certified in the installation of high bandwidth single-mode and multi-mode optical fiber solutions.


Prince Technologies offers a full range of OSP construction services for fiber optic, copper, and coaxial cable installation including drilling and installation of conduit as well as aerial, underground, and direct-buried systems.


Prince Tech­nolo­gies de­signs and in­stalls var­i­ous cable man­age­ment so­lu­tions to provide struc­tural sup­port and or­ga­nize, store, and se­cure your ca­bling.

Let Prince Technologies provide you with a strategic approach to a broad range of high-quality structured cabling solutions for voice and data communications with a personalized consultation to design the optimal solution for your project constraints.